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Executive Search

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Executive Search

Executive Search efficiently to achieve the highest results!

It is not easy to Executive Search the right person, not to mention in another country. Many factors can prevent you from recruiting in another country such as registration processes, geographical distances, high time consuming, and very costly.

Therefore, cooperating with a Staffing company is the best way for foreign enterprises to engage in and become successful in Vietnam. Moreover, TSC ensures that the processes of hiring will be more efficient and effective for our client’s businesses with our help.

With long-time experience and trends-catching ability, we thoroughly understand the demand for software engineers is now sky-rocketing all over the world. Also, after collaborating with many international clients, we realize the working capabilities of Vietnamese engineers are much higher than in the past and up to the global standard.

Moreover, the On-site working mode breaks out during & after Covid, accompanied by the more-than-ever high need for an easy & simple way to manage offshore development center (ODC) has been challenging for business. TSC is here to help you puzzle out.

Our recruiting process has 4 strict steps including:

◼ Negotiating with customers to understand their expectations.

◼ Searching to filter suitable applicants.

◼ Supporting enterprises in arranging interviews.

◼ Supporting in accepting applicants.

Our ultimate goal is to not only recruit the right candidates but also help you build a strong team.

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