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Business registration in Vietnam

Can I expand my business to Vietnam as a foreigner and it is hard for me to register?

Foreign citizens are encouraged and facilitated to expand business in Vietnam. However, there are still many shortcomings such as the registration and establishment process which requires a lot of time and cost.


How to expand my business without incorporating a company in Vietnam?

Yes, there is one option that is suitable for foreign citizens who want to expand business in Vietnam without forming a legal entity. HR Outsourcing TSC will help you expand your business in Vietnam, including hiring your staff without incorporating a legal entity, providing recruitment, payroll, accounting, and Tax services

How to speed up the registration process as soon as possible?

A normal process of expanding a business in Vietnam as an LLC or JSC needs 1-3 months. Instead, TSC can help you to reduce the time by handling all of the processes and transfer it to you.

Finance issue

How about the payroll issues in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, the employee has 3 kinds of insurances: Health Insurance (HI) Social Insurance (SI) Unemployment Insurance (UI)

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Can you list some benefits of outsourcing tax reporting in Vietnam?

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